Human capital is the most important asset of every company. Without it, you can’t maintain clients or grow your business. This aspect of due diligence is so critical in the M&A process to see whether or not you are looking at the right company to acquire. Many of us would have felt by now that somehow, there is a relationship between human capital performance and corporate financial performance. But how do we exactly calculate the return on investment in human capital? Is it even calculable in financial terms? Joining Domenic Rinaldi to give some clarity on this is Dr. Solange Charas, a human capital metrics expert and the Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball, a technology company that provides an application for organizations to calculate their human capital metrics. It is inevitable that we are going to see a radical change in how we view human capital. Listen in to this M&A Unplugged to take a sneak peek of this exciting future!

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