HRTA Keynote: People Analytics – The Key to HR Data-Driven Business Success

There is no doubt these are challenging times. HR Technology vendors have an opportunity to help clients better predict their future by mapping talent to key business value drivers, and by leveraging big data to make workforces more resilient to future challenges that lie ahead. Dr. Solange Charas, a recognized expert in the area of […]

HR M&A Roundtable with Solange Charas: Assessing the Sustainable Impact of the Top Management Team (TMT) without Doing Any Interviews!

Dr. Solange Charas: Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball, a SaaS company offering HCMetrix™ Accurately assessing the senior leadership team of an acquired company is a key HR M&A responsibility and getting it wrong has lasting impact. Acquisition failure attributable to TMT deficiencies has been reported as high a 34%. Dr. Solange Charas will demonstrate how […]