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The only turn-key solution that transforms HR data into actionable financial insights

Financial Reporting

With one click, automatically create reports that will satisfy ISO, EEO-1, SEC and senior management. In addition store multiple years of data for longitudinal reporting.

Human Capital Optimization

Improve the efficiency of investment in people by visually displaying HR trends, comparing them to corresponding financial trends and generating data to inform future HC investments.

Competitive Benchmarking

Gain access to a database of never-before-available competitive benchmarking intelligence for both financial and Human Capital performance.


HCMetrix™  provides access to a unique cloud-based computing platform that transforms existing HR-related data into standardized metrics so that CEOs and CFOs can fully understand, monitor, calculate and predict – in real time – the impact of Human Capital investments on financial outcomes.


Basic Subscription

An annual subscription to the HCMetrix™ platform, including a dashboard of descriptive and diagnostic analytics of your company's human capital.


Add-on Features

Enhance your Basic Subscription with access to HCMetrix™ benchmarking databases that measure your progress and compare your business to a defined competitive set.


ISO Reporting

Automatically generate an unlimited number of ISO-compliant reports that reflect specified disclosure measures.


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There are more than 23 HCMetrix™ Human Capital ratios to inform your business. Each is consistent with traditional financial ratios and is automatically calculated for the entire organization, by division, or both. Human Capital ratios provide a better understanding of the relationship between HR effectiveness and financial impact, and include: Human Economic Value Added, Human Capital ROI, Productivity Factors and more.


“Your dynamic dashboard format allows for easy tracking of decision impact on bottom-line profits. The instant drag and drop creation of a new ratio into my reports is fantastic. No one has a solution like this.  Well done.”


CEO and Managing Principal, Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC


Our team of industry experts leverages decades of experience and a proprietary data analytics platform to help our clients maximize investment in Human Capital to the benefit of customers, employees, business partners and stockholders.


Solange Charas PhD

Solange Charas PhD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Charas is a pioneering data scientist and expert in Human Capital metrics. She has been CHRO for three public companies and serves as Board Director for one. Solange is also an HC consultant and adjunct Professor at Columbia, USC, and NYU.

Joseph Olewitz

Joseph Olewitz

Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Olewitz is the CEO and founder of V-CRO (Virtual Chief Revenue Officer) where he provides C-Suite level growth support for businesses of all sizes. He was formerly CRO for two global digital agencies, and is a blockchain strategist and expert public speaker.

E. Barry Smith

E. Barry Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Smith is the co-founder of the Pine Hill Private Equity services platform. His diverse experience in both public and private sectors, especially with technology firms. He has served as CFO at Aria Systems, Telkonet Inc., and ThinAirApps, Inc.

Kim Hoover

Kim Hoover

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hoover has 25 years of successful implementations across industries, with expertise in complex data management. He has been COO/CSO for Broadridge Investment Accounting (QED Financial Systems) and for InvestorForce Inc.  

Darwin Hanson

Darwin Hanson

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Hanson is President and CEO at Talent Management Evolution. He was previously president of Talent Scope. He has been responsible for developing HR systems for companies including Coca-Cola, General Electric, and United Health.

James Gaskin PhD

James Gaskin PhD

Head of Predictive Analytics Consulting

Dr. Gaskin is Professor of Information Systems management at Brigham Young University. He holds a doctorate in Information Systems from Case Western Reserve University, where he also serves as a visiting Professor at the Weatherhead School of Management. 


Human Capital Thought Leadership from Solange Charas PhD et al.

Applying Supply Chain Logic To Human Capital Management – Part 2

Applying Supply Chain Logic To Human Capital Management – Part 2

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