A. Service Level for Services

HC Moneyball’s service level objective is to make these services available a minimum of ninety-nine (99%) percent of the time or greater to perform the designated functions during all periods when not “off line” due to a Scheduled Maintenance window as measured over any one month.

B. Product Support Service Level – Customer Service Severity Code Summary

Severity Code 1 – Emergency Issue

All users have no access in the HC Moneyball system to any solutions offered through the portal.             

Target Response Time: Within (60) minutes

Severity Code 2 – High Impact Issue

Users are unable to perform essential tasks in the HC Moneyball platform including processing new data updates, tasks that cannot be completed due to inability to view, download, or print critical information, or degraded speed or performance in the production environment.

Target Response Time:  Within four (4) business hours

Severity Code 3 – Moderate impact issue

Users experience functionality issues including product gaps, data not displaying correctly, issues requiring general assistance on setup and/or configuration, answers to “how to” questions within any HC Moneyball solution not affecting a current deadline, or isolated instances of users being unable to perform basic tasks.

Target Response Time:  Within one (1) business day

Severity Code 4 – Low Impact Issue and/or General Questions Regarding Product Usage

General inquiries regarding new or existing product functionality and questions about how to accomplish a certain task or complete a process in the platform or an extended solution.  Inquiries other than issues classified under severity codes 1 through 3.

Within two (2) business days