Dr. Solange Charas: Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball, a SaaS company offering HCMetrix™ Accurately assessing the senior leadership team of an acquired company is a key HR M&A responsibility and getting it wrong has lasting impact. Acquisition failure attributable to TMT deficiencies has been reported as high a 34%. Dr. Solange Charas will demonstrate how to understand the TQ (Team Intelligence) of the TMT and their ability to achieve/sustain economic value creation using a data-analytics approach. By collecting data through an on-line assessment – no interviews required – you can understand if the TMT is value-creating or value-destroying. Dr. Charas will present her research findings and discuss how the results of quantitative-based projections can be correlated to financial performance indicators as a way to understand the quality of the existing TMT and if changes are required pre- or post-acquisition.