HC Moneyball provides access to a unique cloud-based computing platform that transforms existing HR-related data into standardized metrics so that CEOs and CFOs of organizations with 100+ employees can fully understand, monitor, calculate and predict – in real time – the impact of Human Capital investments on financial outcomes.

HC Moneyball optimizes YOUR company’s largest line-item expense

People costs – which can approach 75% of an organization’s total gross profit are often treated as sunk costs.  HC Moneyball allows management to improve the efficiency of this investment in human capital by visually displaying HC trends and comparing them to corresponding financial trends including ROI and IRR and providing data to inform where future HR investments should be made to generate higher financial returns.

HC Moneyball is non-intrusive

Information is curated from existing sources and does not require creating new data or disrupting employees or management.  Implementation and data maintenance is fast and requires little effort on the part of the subscriber. Up to 40 data points are available for implementation and easily updated monthly.

HC Moneyball provides benchmarks to compare your firm to others

Never before accessible in this manner, organizations are now able to compare human capital performance to standard benchmark measures representing their industry, geography and/or size. In addition, subscribers have comparison access to financial ratios for all US public companies.

HC Moneyball converts existing people data to standard financial ratios

HC Moneyball ratios are aligned to traditional financial ratios – efficiency, liquidity, solvency, profitability and valuation – to better understand the relationship between human capital effectiveness and financial impact.

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Overview Presentation


Human Capital metrics that drive corporate financial performance and support new reporting requirements.

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One-Page Overview


A 10% improvement in employee productivity can generate a 40% improvement in EBITDA.

This one-page summary will give you an easy way to focus on the major aspects of this powerful new, first-of-its-kind Human Capital reporting solution.

Download this one-page summary for easy reference to the benefits of using HC Moneyball in your decision process as you allocate funds to all your people expenses – including but not limited to salaries, benefits, recruitment expenses, training, and more.

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